Boom is an esports platform for casual live gaming
We enable any streamer to be a game show host!

Watching gameplay as a form of entertainment is enormous and growing, but the viewing experience is still very primitive. Boom is creating next-generation gaming content: a tournament platform for the masses and spectating technology with built-in visual storytelling.

We believe how games are designed and marketed will fundamentally change. There’s an enormous opportunity to transform the entire entertainment industry by creating games that turn viewers into players, streamers into game show hosts and gives audiences the opportunity to interact and win real prizes!

We are hiring!
Launched by successful entrepreneurs including ex-founder CEO of Bash Gaming, a leading gaming company sold to Sony for $175M and DrDisRespect, #1 streamer on Twitch doc TV!
The team behind the BoomTV
  • Sumit Gupta
  • Ha Viet Nguyen
  • Christian Talmage
    VP Product
  • Alexey Medvedev
    VP Platform
  • DrDisRespect
With a diverse team of 25 passionate engineers, designers & product specialists from the worlds of esports, gaming, design, monetization, 3D graphics and rendering technology.
Our Investors