Updated 04/12/2017

Top Questions

What broadcasting software do you support?
As of right now, we only support OBS Studio 64 bit.
If you are getting error about insufficient network speed but believe you have good network?
Exit Boom, go to this folder C:\Program Files (x86)\\BoomReplay\bin\videos, delete ffmpeg.conv
When I use Boom, my replay works however it is very laggy on OBS and stream! What’s the issue?
This zis an issue with the LAV filters. Search for LAV filters in your program list and uninstall them.
Then install the the K-Lite Codec pack here:
The Boom Meter seems to automatically change its size. I can only see a small part of it! What is the issue?
In OBS, refresh the cache of the current page! Right-click the source of the Boom Meter > Properties, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Refresh cache of current page"
I am confused about setting up BoomReplay in OBS, can you help?
Sure, here’s a video to start with
I am confused about setting up Boom Meter, can you help?
Sure, here’s a video to start with
I am confused about how to create Montage, can you help?
Sure, here’s a video to start with

Specific OBS Setup Issues

Why don’t I see “Boom Replay” on the list of sources to add?
Have you recently updated OBS? If you updated OBS after installing BoomReplay, it will not register properly.
In order for it to work, you may have to go to the Streaming tab > “Revisit OBS setup” > scroll to the bottom to Re-install. If that they does not work, please uninstall and reinstall BoomReplay.
Why is my game crashing?
Boom does not interfere in ANY way with the game. It only creates replays off your live stream.
Voice command is not working, why is that?
If you insert or removes headphone after you start BoomReplay, game sound and voice command will not work (For example: Although you turn on "Record with game sound", generated video still has no sound).
It requires you to plug-in a headphone and microphone before you open BoomReplay and the game in order to record game sound and use voice command.
Why do I need the BoomTVmod?
This added feature allows you to have a bot do the work for you. It posts the link to the replay after it finishes loading onto the website.
Note: Make sure BoomTVmod has mod in your channel.
Is there a limit to how many replay recordings I can make?
As of right now, there is no limit. Since the files go to your computer's folder, it goes as much as the amount of free space you have left on your hard drive.
Where are my replay videos located?
Your replay videos default directory is located C:\ProgramData\Boom\recordings or whatever you set the file location during the installation process in step 4. It can also be found in the Streaming tab in Settings.
Where is the default configuration file located?
It is located in C:\ProgramData\Boom\~$config.
List of 3rd party software dependencies
The BoomReplay setup.exe will ask you to download the following softwares if you do not have them pre-installed. It is necessary in order for BoomReplay to work properly.
What games do you support?
BoomReplay supports ALL games. The app does not interfere in ANY way with the game. It only creates replays off your live stream.
Why are my games crashing?
If your games are crashing, send your logs. If you do not know how, refer to the question down below. You can also send an email at answering the following questions and we can get back to you ASAP:
1. CPU/GPU Spec, Windows version
2. Game settings (graphics quality settings, screen resolution, fullscreen or windowed)
3. The map, level and character you were playing
How do I send logs?
1.Go to your system tray and find the BoomReplay icon.
2.Right-click and select “Send Log”
3.You will receive a notification that your logs have been sent
4.You can find it C:\ProgramData\Boom\logs
How do I delete my replay recordings off of
If you go to , you can click ellipses (. . .) at the bottom right of each replay to delete it from
Don’t see any questions you have on here?
Join our discord and post your questions there. We will get back to you asap!