Updated 2/14/2017
What broadcasting software do you support?
As of right now, we only support OBS 64 bit.
Why don’t I see the “Boom Replay” on the list of sources to add?
When you update OBS after installing the BoomApp, it will not register properly. In order for it to work, you may have to reinstall BoomApp.
Why is my replay preview window not working? It’s blank.
The replay window initialization failed, so it causes a black screen. You would have to restart BoomApp.
What are the support all resolutions?
We support most resolutions. At this moment, there are problems with: 720 x 576, and all 16:10 ratio (720 x 480, 1280 x 768, 1280 x 800, 1600 x 1024, 1680 x 1050).
I used Boom Replay Preview Window to capture my game but OBS is not registering it. Why?
Make sure your replay preview is not minimized or else OBS cannot capture it.
Why is my game crashing?
When you turn on cinematics with different camera angles, you have to restart the game in order for it to properly work. I am pressing the hotkey to make my replays, but nothing is happening. Restart the game. BoomApp must be on first before the game in order for the program to work. Also make sure both the game and BoomApp share the same privileges (administration or not).
Why is there no sound in my replay recording?
Make sure your game’s master sounds are at least 50%. Make sure the playback device is set to default (example: Speakers, HDMI). For 2-PC setup (Streaming + gaming rig): Make sure the gaming PC default is set to the capture card (example: averMedia) and check if the sound is being captured on OBS 64 bit.
Voice command is not working, why is that?
If you insert or removes headphone after you start BoomApp, game sound and voice command will not work (For example: Although you turn on "Record with game sound", generated video still has no sound). It requires you to plug-in headphone and microphone before you open BoomApp and game in order to record game sound and use voice command.
Why do I need the BoomTVbot?
This added feature allows you to have a bot do the work for you. It posts the link to the replay after it finishes loading onto the website. Note: Make sure the BoomTVbot has mod rights on the streaming channel.
Is there a limit to how many replay recordings I can make?
As of right now, there is no limit. Since the files go to your computer's folder, it goes as much as the amount of free space you have left on your hard drive.
Where are my replay videos located?
Your replay videos default directory is located C:\ProgramData\Boom\recordings or whatever you set the file location during the installation process in step 4. It can also be found in the streaming tab in settings.
Where are my default configuration file located?
It is located in C:\ProgramData\Boom\~$config.
Where are my special camera angles?
We currently only provide cinematic replays feature on a single PC setup and not the 2-PC setup.
Why is my replay window blank on OBS and on BoomTV preview window?
This issue occurs when you leave the BoomTV application idle for more than 5 minutes. To resolve the issue, restart the application.
I recently got a capture card, but my BoomApp was set up as a 1PC. Is there anyway I can change it without having to reinstall?
Yes you can. Follow these steps: Make sure BoomApp is closed Go to C:\ProgramData\Boom\~$config and delete the folder. Open BoomApp You should be able to redo the startup process again to set up as a streaming PC + gaming rig. List of 3rd party software dependencies The BoomApp setup.exe will ask you to download the following softwares if you do not have them pre-installed. It is necessary in order for BoomApp to work properly. K-Lite Codec Virtual Audio Capture Grabber Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
What games do you support?
For a complete list of supported games, go here: For cinematic replays with all the different types of camera angle features, we only support CS:GO and League of Legends. Eventually we will be able to expand to more games.
Why are my games crashing?
If your games are crashing, send your logs. If you do not know how, refer to the question down below. You can also send an email at answering the following questions and we can get back to you asap: 1. CPU/GPU Spec, Windows version 2. Game settings (graphics quality settings, screen resolution, fullscreen or windowed) 3. The map, level and character you were playing
How do I send logs?
Go to your system tray and find the BoomApp icon. Right-click and select “send log” You will receive a notification that your logs have been sent You can find it C:\ProgramData\Boom\logs
Don’t see any questions you have on here?
Join our discord and post your questions there. We will get back to you asap!