This Week in BoomTV News…

This week in BoomTV News, things are just the right amount of weird. Crazy plays, insane players, and… Shrek as Spider-man??

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Halo in Toy Story

Look out, Woody, because a snake in your boots is the least of your problems! Master Chief is taking over Andy’s room in this amazing Forge map by Red Nomster.

Shrek as Spider-Man

Move over, Peter Parker, because everyone’s favorite green ogre is guarding the swamp, er… streets of New York! Check out this fun PC mod by ToastedShoes!

Eh, Who Needs Audio?

This YouTube Streamer went from Unranked to Grandmaster in Overwatch 2 using no audio or HUD, and only played as Winston. You can see the relief on his face! Let’s hope he took a nap…

Kameha-what now?

Fortnite is notorious for its colorful crossovers, but Goku might just be the most intense to date. Watch as this player wipes out an entire lobby with one KAMEHAMEHA! (And yes, the mispronunciation was a joke)

The Return of Ninja

With Twitch’s exclusivity clause ending, many streamers are branching out onto new platforms. This was the perfect time for Ninja to return from his streaming hiatus. He announced that not only is he back, but he will be streaming on all platforms.

Welcome back, bro!

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