Clip of the Week: Hosted by a Toaster Oven?!

TGIF! It’s never NOT fun to watch a gamer rage, this StoneMountain64 “theory” about why he fell lives in our brains rent-free.

It was the first-ever BoomTV Fall Guys $10,000 Ultimate Knockout Code Red tournament and StoneMountain64 was the friggin’ zone. Just as they thought he was locked in for a win, something unexpected happened that made him question everything…

Check it out:

On June 8th, a whopping 60 players jumped into Fall Guys and it was definitely an event to remember! In the end, these intrepid beans came out on top:

  • First Place $5,000 – MrKeroro10
  • Second Place $2,500 – AdamElf
  • Third Place $1,000 – Asylix
  • Fourth Place $750 – 8ight_FGC
  • Fifth Place $500 – wraithscuff
  • Sixth Place $250 – RodriiFN_

What do think made StoneMountain64 fall? Is it a conspiracy? #ToasterOvenGate

Each week, we celebrate a funny or amazing moment from our esports tournaments. If you participate or tune in, nominate your favorite clips by tweeting them to us with the hashtag #BoomTVClipoftheWeek!

See you next time…

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