How to Play
  • [wasd]
    -player movement
  • [left mouse]
    -aim and fire
  • [right mouse]
    -zoom out(sniper only)
  • [r]
  • [space]
  • [e]
    -use active ability
**Avoid using the mouse attack button. For most browsers this will take you back a webpage and out of the tournament.
  • To maximize performance, close other tabs and windows
  • When the game is loading, keep focus on that tab (affects the downloading of the game)
  • If Chrome is loading slowly, use another browser such as Firefox or Edge
  • Don’t forget to equip your Active and Passive Abilities!
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I equip a different weapon?
To change your weapon, go to Navigation > Profile > Weapons
Why is my game crashing?
If your game crashes, do us a huge favor and click the "Please send log" button on the bottom-right.