How to Get Tourney Invites

One of the most challenging parts of being a streamer is getting to the next level and getting invited to tournaments. A very talented player, CJ, shared some great insights and advice on Twitter today, check it out!

“One thing we’ve all been frustrated with is not receiving invites to tourneys,” the content creator and XSET representative posted. “So here’s what I’ve learned. Aside from patience.

“There are soooo many people deserving of invites and not enough spots for everyone in one tourney. None of us are entitled to be invited.”

She went on to list advice on how to attract attention while dealing with rejection or being overlooked.

  1. Be [grateful] for the opportunities we DO get. even though it may not be every single tourney.
  2. Understand that while we may feel that our spot was given to someone else in the next tourney – we were also once that person who’s first chance removed a spot for someone else.
  3. If the same exact people were invited back to every single tourney, us included, no one new and deserving, us included, would have ever been given a new opportunity in the first place.
  4. IF you are struggling with [receiving] ANY invites from tourney orgs at all, there are steps you can take to get their eyes on you. Form a montage of best clips, create a list of accomplishments, include how much time you spend grinding, look at it like a job interview – why should you be considered for the position? show them how you can put on a show and what you can accomplish with said invite. Reach out to the tourney orgs and show them the resume you’ve put together for yourself. This also goes for being picked up by someone who has the invite Saying “hey” when people have never seen you play, will not work 99% of the time. There is always gonna be a more secure choice off a whim. Unless maybe you have vouches on top of vouches.

CJ’s post was well-received by other players in the industry, some of whom said they would take her advice. Thanks for the great tips, CJ!

And if you’re wondering how BoomTV selects players for our tournaments, I caught up with Mazida to offer a bit of advice:

“What makes Player A standout over Player B? I personally look at numerous different factors when deciding who to invite,” he said. “In a perfect world, I’d be able to just invite everyone, sadly that’s just not the case.

“If I’m scrolling the Twitter feed, and notice certain players have been grinding wagers, pay to enter events, or even playing in our scrims week after week, that player is going to stand a far better chance of getting an invite.

“There are times were our sole objective is to have the biggest and baddest players go head to head, but I love including the community as best the event allows,” Mazida added. “With the Proving Grounds in place, that’s the perfect place for anyone to start their competitive Warzone journey. My biggest piece of advice though, is to make yourself stand out, get your community to rally behind you, and start grinding.”

Thanks for the great tips! Do YOU have advice for up-and-coming players hoping to get noticed? Join the conversation!

Hoping to show off YOUR skills? The next Warzone Proving Grounds is right around the corner – register HERE!

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