Jukeyz and Fifakill Won $66,000!

Jukeyz and Fifakill climbed the bracket in TimtheTatman’s $150,000 2v2 Kill Race to take it all. Check out all the winners!

TimtheTatman invited thirty-two (32) sweaty Warzone duos to drop into Caldera and dominate for their piece of the $150,000 prize pool. The first day of the event saw everyone duke it out and the top eight (8) moved on to today’s event.

You can view the entire bracket HERE.

In the end, Jukeyz and Fifakill showed the world why they continually git dat money. Look at these kills!

The Other Winners of TimtheTatman’s 2v2 Kill Race April 7th are:

2nd – $33,000

3rd – $18,000

4th – $12,000

TIED 5th/6th – $7,500 each

TIED 7th/8th – $3,000 each

Two days. $150,000. One crazy ride. THANK YOU to TimtheTatman and all the amazing competitors that never cease to amaze us. GG!

P.S. in case you were wondering…

You can check out the entire replay HERE.

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