Week 2 WINNERS! Lost Ark Proving Grounds Qualifiers

Gaze in amazement at these brave fighters from across the globe – showcasing their skills and winning BoomTV’s 2nd Lost Ark Proving Grounds Qualifiers!

Qualifiers raged on into week two, with teams from North America and Europe duking it out in a 3v3 bracket for bragging rights, cash prizes, and their spot in the $5,000 Lost Ark Finals event in April.

Lost Ark Proving Grounds Qualifier Week 2 Champs:

North America

Second Place

Third Place:


First Place

  • lin_null
  • MomusKP
  • Boodendorf

Second Place

  • FlamesMoreFlames
  • RozborskyPatoos
  • Yié

Third Place

  • HesitantAli
  • Арина Лехтонен
  • Entenzo

First and second place teams move on to the Finals! Congrats! You can check out all the brackets HERE (NA) and HERE (EU).

Want in on the action? Registration opens soon for the Third Qualifier!

Participation is FREE – just assemble your squad and sign up.

About Lost Ark:

Lost Ark is an MMORPG developed by Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon Games. First released in KR in November 2018, the game is now available in NA and EU. BoomTV proudly hosts weekly Lost Ark tournaments as part of its Proving Grounds series.

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