Next Level: The Rise of zSmit Official Trailer

You might know zSmit for his Warzone skills and for dominating many of our tournaments, but what you might not know is how much adversity he had to overcome on his way to the top.

Introducing Next Level: a documentary series by BoomTV that takes you behind the scenes of esports stars to watch. We are incredibly proud of the work that went into this project and hope to produce many, many, more.

Our first series entry will focus on Riley, aka “zSmit,” aka “Smitty” aka “Smit.” Our cameras were rolling as he grinds his way to the top, and we’re glad they were because the results were really something to behold.

Check out what’s on the horizon in this official trailer for Next Level: The Rise of zSmit:

We’ll travel to zSmit’s home, meet his supportive family, learn about the hardships he’s had to survive over the years, and even take a look at the frigid cold garage he endured while competing. It’s an incredible story and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

Coming soon!

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