You Likey $10,000? Join This Valorant Tournament!

So you’re good at Valorant, eh? Show us what you’ve got and sign up for the $500 Proving Grounds Valorant Qualifier!

Gather your squad and get ready for some serious action from April 22rd (6pm ET) – April 23 (2pm ET). The top two teams will receive an invite to the 8-team $10,000 Proving Grounds Main Event on May 14th!

How to Play in the Proving Grounds Valorant Tournament Qualifier:

  • Register your team here: – IT’S FREE!
  • Teams must include 5 players + 2 subs. Coaches are allowed – just include them on your roster.
  • At least one of your team members must be on the Proving Grounds Discord server HERE.
  • Change your server nickname to the following format: [Team] Name example: [GOATS] sweatyjo49
  • Follow the instructions in Discord to make sure you follow all the rules.
  • Practice, practice, practice!

Check out all the formats, rules, maps, servers, and all that fun stuff HERE.

Valorant Tournament boomtv

Your Chance to Shine

If you’re looking for a great way to practice Valorant in a tournament setting, the BoomTV Proving Grounds series is your key to success. Our top-tier esports events are trusted by the world’s best talent, both famous and up-and-coming. If you’re ready to get noticed and win some money playing Valorant, you don’t want to miss the Proving Grounds Valorant tournament!

We also host Proving Grounds events for Lost Ark, APEX Legends, and Warzone, offering players a chance to build a reputation and earn real money for doing what they do best.

Join us, won’t you?

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