INSANE Charlie Intel Warzone Highlights!

The $15,000 Charlie Intel Warzone event was as cray-cray as it gets, and we’ve saved some of the best moments just for you!

Dexerto’s Charlie Intel partnered with BoomTV to produce their huge Warzone tournament, and surprise, surprise, a ton of super sweaty folks turned up to play!

On April 21, 2022, 40 of the best Warzone players duked it out for glory and their share of $15,000! In the end, Team Emsage (Emsage, OEKIY, and abWizz) emerged from the tournament victorious…and $7,500 richer).

Relive these amazing moments or see them for the first time. And understand why we love our jobs so much.

Charlie Intel Warzone Highlights:

You can check out all the winners HERE and rewatch the entire event on demand on the BoomTV Twitch channel.

About Charlie Intel:

Charlie Intel is a member of the Dexerto family of gaming and esports media brands. This dedicated team of writers and editors keep players like you informed of the latest news in Call of Duty, including Modern Warfare 2, Warzone, Warzone Mobile, Vanguard, and company acquisitions. You can catch them on Twitter HERE.

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