Clip of the Week: Hey Batter Batter

In today’s BoomTV Clip of the Week, Aydan takes out an opponent with a combo “Death from Above” followed by a “Bat to the Face.” Let’s watch, shall we?

It was the $15,000 Charlie Intel Warzone tournament and the circle was closing fast. Aydan had no time to lose, pulling a team wipe on iSmixie’s trio before spotting poor Almxnd below…

Aydan, alongside teammates Jukeyz and HisokaT42, brought their A-game and placed 6th in the tournament.

With as many tournaments as we run here at BoomTV, it can be tough to choose our favorite moments. Every player brings so much to the table and we love watching the games unfold firsthand.

If you watch or participate in BoomTV tourneys, you can nominate YOUR favorite moments on Twitter by tagging us (@BoomTV) and using #BoomTVClipoftheWeek!

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