And the Charlie Intel Warzone Teams Are…

The $15,000 Charlie Intel Warzone Tournament is TOMORROW. Here are the brave teams ready to drop into the action.

Are YOU ready?? Six custom Battle Royale Trio games begin at 12 p.m. PST on Thursday, April 21st. Tune into all the action on the official BoomTV Twitch channel!

Charlie Intel Warzone Teams

Team One (1): Rated, Captain

Charlie Intel Warzone

Team Two (2): Tommey, Captain

Charlie Intel Warzone

Team Three (3): QueenEliminator, Captain

Charlie Intel Warzone

Team Four (4): BrittneyRaines, Captain

Charlie Intel Warzone

Team Five (5): FiveByFivex, Captain

Charlie Intel Warzone

Team Six (6): iSmixie, Captain

Charlie Intel Warzone

Team Seven (7): Nobu Spartan, Captain

Charlie Intel Warzone

Team Eight (8): Swagg , Captain

Team Nine (9): Swishem, Captain

Team Ten (10): bbreadman, Captain

Team Eleven (11): Slacked, Captain

Team Twelve (12): queenshadows, Captain

Team Thirteen (13): UnrationaL, Captain

Team Fourteen (14): zsmit, Captain

Team Fifteen (15): cpentagon, Captain

Team Sixteen (16): ShawnJ, Captain

Team Seventeen (17): TBD

Team Eighteen (18): QRISSY, Captain

Team Nineteen (19): JaredFPS, Captain

Team Twenty (20): QueenBitty, Captain

Team Twenty-one (21): TBD

Wow, what a line-up! This is gonna be such a great time. The other Warzone teams will be:

Team Twenty-two (22): Flexz, Captain

Team Twenty-three (23): IMAngelika, Captain

Team Twenty-four (24): Overgirl, Captain

Team Twenty-five (25): AngelWalks, Captain

Team Twenty-six (26): TheHoboo, Captain

Team Twenty-seven (27): JessieCooks, Captain

Team Twenty-eight (28): braalik, Captain

Team Twenty-nine (29): Flxnked, Captain

Team Thirty (30): TBD

Team Thirty-one (31): WarsZ, Captain

Team Thirty-two (32): Vapulear, Captain

Team Thirty-three (33): Jukeyz, Captain

Team Thirty-four (34): TestyFPS, Captain

Team Thirty-five (35): Emsage, Captain

Team Thirty-six (36): FaZe Bloo, Captain

Team Thirty-seven (37): djmas, Captain

Team Thirty-eight (38): skrapz, Captain

Team Thirty-nine (39): number1girl, Captain

Team Forty (40): Royalize, Captain

You can follow the standings HERE. See you on the battlefield!

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